13 de May 2017

Convocation to the World Assembly Buenos Aires 2018

On May 2017, after undergoing a discernment process, our World CLC President convened the 27th World Assembly to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from July 22nd through July 31st, 2018. It is an invitation to celebrate together as an apostolic body the graces received during our Jubilee celebration for our first 50 years as CLC (1967-2017). It is an invitation that encourages us to come closer to God’s mysterious presence in today’s world and in our journey as CLC, “…knowing full well that there is still so much to write and many doubts to solve, but letting ourselves be carried by the call to join in this universal project of the kingdom.”

In this letter, the president also shares with us the election of the theme chosen for this Assembly – "CLC, a gift for the Church and the world"–; the passage of Scripture, that speaks of a process of conversión and response by welcoming the grace of God –“How many loaves have you?... Go and see” (Mk 6:38)– and the Grace we ask the Lord in our Assembly –“We desire greater depth and integration in the living out of our CLC charism in the world today”–.

To read the complete letter, go to the following link: Convocation to the World Assembly Buenos Aires 2018.