22 de July 2018

Day 1. Beginning of the XVII World Assembly

Starting the day, theExCo President, Mauricio lopez, invited delegates to enter with great courage and generosity, recalling the very words of St. Ignatius: “It is very helpful to him who is receiving the Exercises to enter into them with great courage and generosity towards his Creator and Lord, offering  Him all his will and liberty, that His Divine Majesty may make use of his person and of all he has according  to His most Holy Will.” (Anotation 5th)

In an original Presentation Ceremony of the National Communities, each delegation offered its country's flag by stacking one on top of the other in a basket. The ceremony culminated with the presentation of the flag with the logo of this XVII World Assembly. This gesture invites us to become ONE World Community.

Are still with us the words of Pope Francis addressed to the Assembly, which reminded us that we are contemplatives in action: “Contemplation and action, the two dimensions together: because we can only enter the heart of God through the wounds of Christ, and we know that Christ is wounded in the hungry, the uneducated, the discarded, the old, the sick, the imprisoned, in all the vulnerable human flesh.”

At the close of the day we ask ourselves, where did God make Himself present on this first day of the Assembly?