23 de July 2018

Day 2. How many leaves do you have? Go and see.

One day. Two moments. One, a special time ok “Kairos” for CLC. ExCo shared the 2013-2018 Inform. Went through the actual state of each Frontier chosen in Lebanon; shared reflections about our being world community y talked ourselves about our Ignatian identity. Each ExCo members speeches were in a fluently, personal and authentic way of talking about all the work for the last 5 years. In Plenary, the world community recognized itself in a “kairos” moment, where we are feeling the call to offer our charisma to the world.

The other moment of the day join the experience of the mornings. Guided by the ESDAC Team (Exercises for Spiritual Discernment on Apostolate in Common) the invitation was to identify personal graces received from CLC. A CLC that touched our hearts, has been helping us to grow, beyond our limitations, we recognized the Spiritual Exercises as the sources that allows us to live daily life in the key of the Lord and offers us our community as a place to enjoy the friendship in God. With gratitude, much joy, generosity and responsibility, we offered our bread, our gifts, to God.