24 de July 2018

Day 3. An experience of a Church outing

Today's day was divided by two well-defined instances. In the morning, Dr. Austen Ivereigh, who wrote the biography of the Pope: "The great reformer: Francis, portrait of a radical Pope", presented a talk entitled "Francis Choice: Evangelizing a troubled world".

Austen intelligently condensed the lines of action that Pope Francis has developed. "A key message of the new book is Francis' conviction that at this time the Lord is asking us to evangelize the Church, and for this the Church must change, a change for which the Second Vatican Council has prepared us, but which we have not yet fully embraced.

In response to Francis' message of being a Church outing, at noon, the Assembly met with the Pastor of the community of Patriarch St. Joseph. Father Rafael Velazco sj invited us to make a mission experience: "we are going to share the life of a parish on the outskirts of Buenos Aires that is trying to go out and meet those who live in the existential peripheries". Meeting families, learning about how young people work, social centres were some of the places we visited. We were invited, as in "Contemplation to attain love", to give of what each one has and is able to give. The Assembly, doing the review together on the day, recognized itself as being moved, and grateful for the experience it had had.