27 de July 2018

Day 5. First-hand stories

The day was full with so many new experiences for us all and things which we will remember, not only, because there are pictures and documents on it: meeting Father General Arturo Sosa SJ, who I found convincing in his commitment to cooperation and support between Jesuits and CLC. And the big picture, which will remind me of all the people I'm sharing time, prayer, meals, bathrooms with, even I may have forgotten all the names, which I'm just starting to learn.

This was followed by the most emotional moment for me in this assembly: the welcoming of three new member communities: Latvia, Vietnam, and Mauritius. I made touched me so much, so see spreading our gifts multiplies them in such a wonderful way. To listen to the ways those of communities have gone (together with their godparents: England/Wales, USA, and France) makes me feel being part of a living body, with communities helping and supporting each other to grow and join CLC.

Sometimes it is a challenge for me to speak and understand "only" English and German. Listening to Arturo Sosas Spanish sermon in the mass was one.

And we grew quite a bit in numbers for one day, as we had a lot of visitors from neighboring countries and from all around the world. With little gifts, different foods, music, dance and presentation, it felt like the world was visiting the world assembly for a few hours.

The evening of this day also marks the halftime for the assembly, which feel is some way that as if has only started and in another way, as there is no before and no after.

Bernhard Zaunseder (CLC Germany)