25 de July 2018

Day 4. Our Graced History

Keynote speaker Magdalena Palencia (CLC Mexico) presented our CLC history starting in the late 40s. She shared with us the words of Fr. Arrupe. During Holy Week of 1981, Fr. Arrupe offered a petition during the Prayers of the Faithful: “…just as the Lord did by changing Abraham’s, He has given to this community [Marian Congregation] community a new name: “Christian Life Community,” which implies by itself the mission of these communities were called to be.

Guided by the biblical story of Abraham, Palencia helped us through the journey by recalling the challenges of our story during the previous world assemblies. She talked about what happened and their outcomes. We listened to her presentation and were completely captivated by its intensity.

She concluded by reminding us that we are CLC, a community on mission and with a vision. CLC is a gift, a challenge and an invitation to recognize what we share with the world, especially right here in the homeland of Pope Francis.