27 de July 2018

Day 6. Naming our Story of Grace

Today the Assembly started its second phase. Guided by the ESDAC team, the delegates began a discernment process. This invitation was also extended to the entire world community, asking all to accompany and support with their prayer. The grace to be asked for is “to desire a deeper integration to live out our CLC charism in today’s world.”

The first step was to gather all the experiences of personal prayer the delegates experimented during the Assembly so far. The delegates were asked to contemplate the historical timeline of CLC. The reflection was not about feeling guilt or generating conflict. However, it was asking themselves about what the graces received. It is a way to enter into the life and the diversity of CLC. It is normal to face the wounds of CLC history, yet not be the main focus of the contemplation. The challenge is to turn the wounds into scars, which will be healed in time.

There are two approaches for which we can contemplate this special time in CLC history. We can have either a business or discernment. We either enter into a dynamic where we guide the Assembly toward identifying tasks, finding solutions, dealing with anxiety. Or we can ask ourselves: “What will the delegates come up with during this Assembly in Buenos Aires?” Or on the contrary, we could ask: “Are we searching for ways to generate more fraternal relationships as an apostolic body?” “Do we see the world with the eyes of God?” “Do we listen to our interior feelings and spiritual movements to allowing ourselves to be guided by God, thus, having our trust in what emerges as the result of our prayer. There was a clear invitation to live these days following a discernment mode. That’s what the delegates find themselves at this critical time of the Assembly. We are asking all of you to keep us in your prayers.

During the afternoon, we focused on prayer, searching for a deeper understanding of naming our grace. The naming of the grace helped us reflect on the personal, as well as communal, identity, vocation and mission. Compassionate, Merciful, Loving, Wounded, Joyful Christ, Jesus as Emmanuel, and Journey Companion were some of the names and images that emerged during this Assembly.

The Assembly decided to have Day 7 in silence. Let us continue praying for our World Assembly.