29 de July 2018

Day 7. First-hand stories. Silence, our universal language

We entered in a day of silence after 6 days of endless talking in 3 different languages. We were making big efforts to understand what the other is saying. But when we all entered in silence, we began to understand each other. Silence is our universal language.

We started our day searching for our word of grace and lots of words emerged: Discernment, joy, with and for others, service, mission, apostolic community…but we are still in the process of finding our name. It has been a long process of discernment and we are on our way.

Then we took the time to search for our paralysis, what stops us from moving. Each group had to make a statue with their bodies to show the paralysis of CLC. Being paralyzed in a specific sad statue really troubled me. When they asked other members to liberate us from our pause, I felt compassion and support to overcome my paralysis. We need each other to overcome our fears, our mistakes. Then we threw the paper that held our paralysis, lightened a candle with our names written on it and shared bread offered to us.

With the light of God and the bread of the poor, we move on.

A phrase said at the end of the day but it said it all for me.

Inji Fayez (CLC Egypt)