28 de July 2018

Day 7: Praying with the Lord of Open Hands to be Open His Mercy

The assembly decided to have a Day of Silence to encounter God more deeply in prayer. At the end of the day, there was a feeling of hope and an invitation to trust, letting God’s hands by weaving and building apostolic body.

We began this morning freely answering to two questions proposed by the ESDAC team: What is our CLC charism? Which words of Pope Francis emerge within us? The challenge was to put all of this into one word, phrase or sentence. Dealing with the question on CLC charism, there were many words coming to the surface: Discernment, Apostolic Community, Spiritual Exercises, Life-Sharing, Spirituality, Community, Mission. There were even more words from Pope Francis: Mercy, Personal Conversion, Caring for the Environment, Joy of the Announcing the Gospel, Globalization of the Indifference.

We are preparing our hearts to recognize the deepest feeling of our communal name as CLC; thus, deepening sense of our identity so we can share it with the world. A question was brought up during the immersion experience: what is the role of CLC? We continue to keep searching to be CLC in today’s world. What is our way of proceeding and living the Gospel today?

We explore this afternoon -with tenderness and a smile- the sin of CLC at the local and world levels. We faced our “paralyses.” What happens to us when our bread hardens and gets stale? We can’t keep pumping the heart of CLC if we don’t recognize our own sins. Jesus despises sin but loves sinners. We should pray with the Lord of Open Hands and ask for His mercy. The representation of sin like the statues presented by the small groups was quite profound and piercing. We should contemplate those who are frozen, which is discomforting by the paralysis. What is the grace we need from God to get out of this frozenness? We should contemplate using Jesus’s eyes so we can feel alive again and reborn, so we can start walking again. We do so by keeping the light of Christ within us.