29 de July 2018

Day 8: As a CLC Community, we are called today to…

The process of discernment guided by the ESDAC team came to an end today. Also, today was the first of three days of this stage of the Assembly under the title “Ways to be followed by CLC”. Clearly, we experienced some of these ways today.

In the morning, we were invited to ask for the grace of greater depth and integration of our CLC Charism. The words of Marianne Williamson, borrowed by Mandela during his inauguration, resonated at the tent, and were read in the plenary: "You are a child of God. Playing small does not help the world.”Many messages from Pope Francis to the youth were cited: "Do not be a spectator of life". There’s a third image I would like to recall: the feeling that we are building new wineskins for new wine. Our current CLC identity, our name of grace, is the mechanism to keep the three pillars moving, which are reflected in our charism: community, spiritual growth and mission. To close the morning activities, groups were sharing the fruits that respond to what CLC members feel we are called to. Charts were placed in a spiral design at the center of the tent. By the afternoon, the ESDAC team had turned the spiral into a domino with three main axes: 1) Go out as companions of Jesus and be witnesses of the light of Christ in the world; 2) It refers to our identity as CLC and to our Ignatian lay discernment as a tool. This is considered the main axis; and 3) To be aware of our condition of forgiven-sinners who wish to serve and heal the wounds of Christ. The day ended with a profound sense of gratitude for so many gifts received, and a sense of deep joy and hope. Everything we experienced during these days is the result of putting ourselves in the hands of God. We experienced God which led us to moments of greater consolation as well as moments of doubt and/or distrust. Today, it is possible to see the fruits of our Assembly, which are at the center of our CLC charism. The fruits and the horizon are now in our hands and in the hands of God.

It’s also important to note that we began and ended the day by putting ourselves in the hands of Mary. We asked her to show us the way to reach the Father. At her feet, we offered the fruits of our work during these days by asking Mary, Our Lady of the Good Road, the grace to put us with her son.


“For it is not knowing much, but realizing and relishing things interiorly, that contents and satisfies the soul”. EE. EE 2