01 de August 2018

Day 10. First-hand stories. On the way back

After an eventful night, with more or less: dancing, sleep, electricity, water... meeting somebody on the corridor, the first question was: when are you leaving, do we have to say goodbye already? I felt in the middle between not wanting to leave and wanting to get home. We have grown into being an assembly, we have deepened our relationship to God and among each other, we have shared our gifts and now we have to go forth, to our countries, communities, families.

We are the new "last" assembly now, we have become the new ambassadors of the message of this last assembly, spreading the word AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM...

A last meeting in my delegation discussed next steps, consequences, follow ups. We got down to business...

I wonder: what will this assembly change in my life? What will this assembly change in the life of CLC / CVX?

What will we SHARE?

Bernhard Zaunseder (CLC Germany)