31 de July 2018

Day 10: Our only desire and our one choice should be this: I want, and I choose what better leads to God’s deepening his life in me. (Sp.Ex. 23)

July 31st. Feast of St Ignatius. Last day of the XVII World Assembly held in Buenos Aires. From the beginning of the day, the Ignatius himself - present in our greetings and in the prayer Take and Receive Lord of the morning prayer - was with us. That prayer prepared us for one of the most important events of the day: choosing the new ExCo members for the period 2018-2023. Within a context of prayer and deliberation, the different roles were voted for. The emerging new ExCo is made up of representatives from different regions, different ages, men and women and each one with different way of living and experiencing CLC. The trust is that this will enrich their work and help to continue the process of deepening and integrating the experience of our CLC charisma in today's world.

We have begun that process in these days of the Assembly. It was not born here. It carries within it the history of these first 50 years. The final document that was drafted, and which in the coming days will reach everyone, reflects this process. Someone commented that it is a "canonical" document for CLC. It reflects our faith, our mission and our identity. It reflects our life, our faith. Seeks to communicate an experience. This document gives us a model to strengthen our identity and to continue moving forward as a lay apostolic community. We have sown a seed in fertile soil. Surely, it's like a mustard seed. The apostolic community discernment we undertook prepares us to take the next steps.

We concluded the Assembly by celebrating the Eucharist, for the feast of St. Ignatius. In his homily, Father Herminio SJ, Vice-Ecclesiastical Assistant invited us to continue deepening the experience. He reminded us of Ignatius’ phrase "Search and find God in all things". And he emphasized the search. Continue searching, dedicating time and spiritual work, in the same way as Ignatius, where the journeying is the experience. He defined himself as the pilgrim. It is time to go out to meet again our communities and to share with others what we have seen and heard. But it is also time to proceed on the journey. Without that there will be no true experience to share. We are concluding the jubilee of these first 50 years of CLC, while we begin the next 50 years. May the Lord continue to accompany all our CLC communities and let us depart, with our bread, to continue to be a gift for the Church and for the world. And like Ignatius, we can say again and again, "give me your love and grace and that is enough for me".