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27 de June 2018

Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, countries full of history, natural wealth, scenery and diverse climates, await delegates to the XVII CLC World Assembly

Three neighboring countries in the heart of South America, each rich with history, scenery, and a variety of climates, are prepared to welcome participants of the XVII CLC World Assembly. Host country Argentina, along with its neighbors Paraguay and Uruguay stand ready to welcome visitors and offer unique tourist destinations.

A visit to this region will provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy its places, people, cuisine, textures and charm. The impressive Iguazú Falls, considered one the world’s great wonders, as well as the Pantanal, wetlands full of natural beauty, lush flora and abundant fauna shared by Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, are not to be missed on this journey. No less attractive are the Jesuit ruins, which include remnants of unique civilizations and art in the region.

Argentina, a country full of life, rich diversity and history, is gifted with immense territory, a wide variety of climates, natural wonders, culture, customs and internationally renowned cuisine. Cities like Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Bariloche or the northern region of Argentina have much to offer and are worth visiting.

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The city of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, is only a one hour and 20-minute flight away. A continuously evolving multicultural population with five distinct indigenous languages, with Guaraní being the most prevalent, along with the influence of immigrant groups from various parts of the world, bring extraordinary richness in cultural expression to Paraguay’s Spanish-Guaraní blend. In Asunción, the Guaraní capital, one can visit museums, historical sites, Asunción Bay, and the Lopez Presidential Palace. In the country’s interior one can find Jesuit ruins, including the standouts Jesús de Tavarangué and Santísima Trinidad de Paraná which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Uruguay can be reached via a 2-hour and 15-minute boat trip via the Río de la Plata from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. A country which seeks to develop its maximum potential without forgetting its identity and values, Uruguay also carefully integrates its high respect for nature in a careful and balanced way.

Montevideo, its capital, offers a variety of interesting places: Plaza Matríz, where the Catedral Metropolitana is located; Plaza Independencia with the Ciutadela gate and the Solís Theater; the very attractive Rambla de Montevideo; and the Centenario Stadium, built for the first World Cup in 1930.

A one-hour boat ride from Buenos Aires is Colonia de Sacramento, one of the most beautiful cities with the most historic heritage in Uruguay.

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Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, neighbors and brothers who together make up the host team known as ARUPÁ, a word which in the Guaraní language means “I bring everything” and connotes the joint effort by which each country offers the best of itself, are ready to receive and provide warmth and comfort to attendees of the XVII CLC World Assembly.