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13 de June 2018

Information for delegates

Getting to know the different National Communities

We would like you to send us an email ( with the following information:

  • Current National Executive Council (Names, Roles, Photos);
  • Delegates for the Assembly (Names, Roles, Photos);
  • Start of CLC in your country;
  • Number of Groups and members;
  • Regions where they are based;
  • Main fields of mission of the CLC in your country (pastoral initiatives of the community, individual apostolic initiatives);
  • Background of the country you wish to share;

Could you please send this information before 18 June 2018? Since there is no allocated time in this Assembly for each delegation to introduce your national community, we would like to ask you to bring the information requested in a printed format (poster, exhibit, etc.), to leave permanently in an area that we will prepare. At the same time, we encourage you to bring what you think represents the country and the community that is delegating you to the Assembly.

Country flag

We want to remind you to put in your suitcases a flag of your country (size 50cm x 70 cm). It will be very important to have it at the Assembly.