12 de July 2018

CLC France song for the Assembly

Here we are Lord

(Community Offering)

Text:  Patricia Amiens; música: Benoit- Amiens. 2018

Here we are Lord,

To offer ourselves to you.

Take us,

Transform us,

Do with us as you wish,

Offer us to the world,

As you wish (repeat)

1.  Offering our lives to others,

Being a blessing to everyone around us,

Illuminating each day with your Divine Presence.

To love and serve where you planted us.

2. Offering our lives to the world,

Fighting all injustice and bringing hope,

Making your Kingdom come, so Peace may reign.

To love and serve where you tell us to take action.

3. Offering our lives to the Church,

Adding our color to your Infinite Artwork,

Forming only one body in the unity of the Spirit.

To love and serve wherever you send us.