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30 de May 2018

The Narrative behind the Logo of the XVII CLC World Assembly

When designing the logo of our 17th CLC World Assembly, the following three key aspects were taken into consideration: i) to convey our Assembly's motto: “CLC a gift to the Church and the world”; ii) to represent our Latin American identity; and iii) to capture the context of our 50-year CLC's jubilee (1967-2017).

“The papacy of Pope Francis is inviting us to a new vision, depth and experience of contemporary Catholicism, calling for a true conversion in the way we, the Church, are present to ourselves and the world. (…)  

Especially, we hear Pope Francis as he talks to us about collegiality and a more outward missionary perspective in the world, venturing to the peripheries where we, the laity, are especially present.  He calls us, as church, to fulfil a role something like that of a “field hospital”, and living the “option for the poor”. He talks often of mercy, joy, inclusivity, caring for the earth and personally leading lives of ongoing discernment and conversion.

As CLC people, we are particularly blessed with the gifts, insights and graces of the ever-relevant Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.  With these gifts, we feel equipped and prepared in a particular way to respond to Pope Francis’ challenge to live, as fully as we can, the mission of the laity in the world today, aware that, along the way, we will encounter a call to an ever-deepening personal conversion. (…)

Once again, we remind ourselves how well placed we are as lay people, living a CLC/Ignatian charism, to take the message of Christ and His mission to all parts of the world.  We seek to cooperate to the fullest with this new awakening of the central place and role of the lay vocation, and to work collaboratively with the full Church for Christ’s global mission. (Projects 168)

Our Latin American continent's shape is reflected on the letter "V" of "Vida" (Life). Our acronym “CVX” (CLC) takes the shape of a fish, as followers of Christ. According to our charisma, a Life Community gathers around a variety of elements. One of such elements is bread. The same bread that Jesus shared with his friends in many instances, and that we revisit today in the fragment of the Gospel chosen for this World Assembly: “How many loaves of bread do you have? Go and see.” (Mark 6:38). It is a process of conversion and of response, taking in the graces received from God. Finally, an element of cultural significance for our region is also included in our logo. Mate is a sign of coming together, an invitation to share with others; it’s a symbol of friendship.

Therefore, our logo depicts the symbols of Community, Life, and our Christian identity.

Lucía Hyon (Argentina), Liliana González (Argentina), and Ricardo Ruiz (Paraguay) were the CLC members responsible for designing our logo.