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31 de May 2018


Initially, the EXCO called our Team APU, acronym made up of the first letters of the names of the 3 co-organizing countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay). We made a small alteration to that by repositioning the letters to form the word UPA – an expression used in the region when parents lift their children. The child asks his parents "upa" and they lift and coo! We thought it was a nice name for our team and we liked it. This was until the creative team, that designed the logo, proposed ARUPÁ, which comes from ARgentina, Uruguay and PAraguay. We liked the idea because in the Guarani language, one of the living native languages ​​that is used in large areas of our countries, ARUPÁ (read in a quick manner) means: I BRING EVERYTHING, I brought everything I have, and I put it at the disposal of Jesus so that He can perform the miracle. This suggestion arose in response to the passage of the Gospel adopted as a motto for the World Assembly: Jesus said to them: "How many loaves do you have? Go and see. "They came back and said," There are five of them, and there are also two fishes. "(Mk 6, 38). ARUPÁ, I BRING EVERYTHING.