EXCO Documents

05 de June 2018

Letter N°5. Preparing the heart and purifying the intention towards the 2018 Buenos Aires World Assembly

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04 de June 2018

Projects 169. World CLC Day 2018. Caring for our gift, offering it more generously in joy

In Projects 169, Herminio Rico SJ, Ann Marie Brennan, and Najat Sayegh bring us into a deeper reflection of what our 50 years as CLC mean, in the light of this moment in the Church and in the world as well as our future mission. We ask that you bring this into your reflections and celebrations for World CLC Day 2018... [Keep reading]

03 de June 2018

Projects 168. Our next CLC World Assembly. CLC celebration, consolidation, renewal.

Our celebration will be marked not by frantic activity, but with a united and deliberate relishing and reflection, which will culminate in the 2018 World Assembly in Buenos Aires. Many of you have already begun it. From here onwards until July 2018, we’ll journey closer together!... [Keep reading]

02 de June 2018

4 th Letter from the President to the World Christian Life Community 2017

Convocation to the Buenos Aires 2018 World Assembly, July 22 to 31, 2018. The theme: "CLC, a gift for the Church and the world" The passage of Scripture: “How many loaves have you?... Go and see” (Mk 6:38) The Grace we ask the Lord in our Assembly:... [Keep reading]

01 de June 2018

Reviewing the last three World Assemblies

Reviewing the last three World Assemblies

A few days before the beginning of the XVII World CLC Assembly we shared with you the main documents of the last three World CLC Assemblies: Nairobi 2003, Fatima 2008 and Lebanon 2013.... [Keep reading]